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Additional research will need to be done to determine whether plasticity in humans and mice is regulated in the same way.In a previous study, Shepherd and his colleagues found that during youth, a "critical window" of brain plasticity is never available to mice lacking a gene known as Arc.The Tax slab has increased from 5-9% to 12% for some drugs and interstate taxes are removed.It is exciting to see changes in planning and strategies of organizations working in this sector and thus we will update our readers regularly on even small issues related to Bio Pharma research and industrial activities within and outside the country.The research appears this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)."It's exciting because it suggests that by just manipulating one gene in adult brains, we can boost brain plasticity," says lead author Jason Shepherd, magazine which is providing latest news of Biotechnology and Allied Sciences to Global community of Students and Professionals.BEM provides Current Biotech News, Opinions and Notices about Research, Hot Biotechnology Products, Biotechnology Applications, Biotechnology Jobs, Biotechnology Industry, Biotechnology Conferences, Biotechnology Business, Biotechnology R&D and Biotechnology Funding Grants available from various Departments and Centres of Biotechnology.

Last week's record-setting heat in the Pacific Northwest and current triple-digit temperatures in Arizona are the latest reminders that climate change is heating up the Earth.

10th August 2017 Youthful plasticity restored to brains of aging mice Scientists at the University of Utah report that youthful plasticity has been restored to aging mouse brains by manipulating only a single gene.

Like much of the rest of the body, the brain loses flexibility with age, impacting the ability to learn, remember and adapt.

Now, scientists at the University of Utah Health report they can rejuvenate the plasticity of the mouse brain – specifically in the visual cortex – increasing its ability to adapt and change in response to new experiences.

Furthermore, manipulating only a single gene is enough to trigger this improvement.

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