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Organ brokers have already proven that they are savvy enough to skirt legal roadblocks, and their businesses will continue as the supply of available donor organs remains small and the profits high.

Increasing the supply of cadaver organs is an obvious solution, but volunteer programs have not produced enough organs to make a difference.

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Thus, it is very likely that religion plays a far more dominant and successful role in increasing organ donation in Europe than Presumed Consent.A child plays in a tsunami relief camp called Ernavoor about seven miles north of Chennai.View Slideshow Curbing the illegal trade in human organs just might mean scrapping the way we think about the rights of brain-dead organ donors.The Scottish government has launched a public consultation on automatic organ donation, which would allow organs and tissues to be transplanted after someone dies unless they have opted out of the system.Under the scheme, hospital patients would have to register their objection to donating or tell their family they do not want their organs to be transplanted.

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